Park(ing) Day

On the Parkin(ing) Day* the installation of “plant pots” out of asphalt pieces and glass jar was parked in the street parking at Berliner Allee street in Berlin.

*Park(ing) day is a global, public, participatory project where people across the world temporarily repurpose curbside parking spaces and convert them into public parks and social spaces to advocate for safer, greener, and more equitable streets for people.

Every year in Europe, an area larger than Berlin is lost to urban construction development and transport infrastructure. Soilsealing (its permanent covering with impermeable layers of buildings, asphalted roads, parking lots, etc.) leads to an irreversible loss of the ecological function of the soil as a living system.

This project was funded by Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe. Part of Recherchestipendium Bildende Kunst 2021.