Hojre / studio

Hojre* is my studio which is located in a park (Ghasr park museum) in Tehran. Apart from my personal projects, we have some public days and projects as well.

*Hojre means a room / buro / studio

on Tuesdays people can use bicycle tools to fix/repair their bikes for free.
Here in the studio, there is possibility to redesign/retouch/renewal (or whatever they call it) bicycles.
collaborative Lighting workshop with Boomsoostudio here in the park. Re-desing the porch’s lights in front of the studios using Ghasr Park’s wastes. This 3 days workshop held in the park, in addition to redesigning/recycling lighting, with the intention of redefining and rediscovering the public spce (park) by the participants/designers.
Katharina Mörth, artist based in Vienna, was in the artist in residence program at Rahresidency and she did his sculpture project here in the studio.
Malikah and Ruben, artists and cyclists from Taiwan and Germany made instruments out of old bicycle parts and performed it here in the park.